St Bees Head

St. Bees Head is an iconic clifftop of distinctive red sandstone. The headlands are the only cliffs between Anglesea and Scotland and so makes a popular walking spot, with views out across to the Isle of Man, Scotland and the South Coast. It is also the first stretch of Wainwright’s Coast to Coast walk. The Coast to Coast walk starts as St. Bees and goes across country to end at the coast in Robin Hood’s Bay in North Yorkshire. The Cumbria Coastal path also runs along the cliffs.

Exploring the bottom of the headland (the first part is known as Tomlin head, which is where our tourer area gets it’s name) along the rocky part of the beach

There are various smaller routes to enjoy which can take an hour or two to a whole day and provide beautiful views looking back over the Seacote Caravan park.

In the warmer months we recommend packing a picnic and enjoying the route along the coast to St. Bees Light house (now a private residence). The walk provides stunning views across the sea to the Isle of Man and Scotland. You may find your mobile phone even thinks you’ve left the country. Halfway to the lighthouse you can drop down into Fleswick Bay.

The walk can be continued to create a circular route through to Whitehaven. Where you can return on the train back to St. Bees if you change your mind about the walk. St. Bees train station is less than a mile from the Seacote Hotel and Caravan Park and can also be used to return to Tarnside Park.