Fleswick Bay

Half way between the Seacote Caravan Site and St, Bees head you will find a small beach called Fleswick Bay. Fleswick Bay is a secluded little pebbled cove, popular with rock climbers. The only way to reach the cove is by walking over the cliff top walk to St. Bees head (unless you have a boat) where the signage will guide you to drop down into it, the access is quite steep and slippery at times, but it’s worth the effort.  We recommend packing snacks or a picnic and wiling away a quiet few hours.

Explore a bit and you’ll find the cave where illegally smuggled goods were hidden during the 19th century. You can find out more about the history of smuggling in our area by visiting the Rum Story in Whitehaven. You’ll find many a signature carved into the cave walls. What’s the oldest one you can find? You may be able to find your own treasure as there are semi-precious stones hidden amongst the small pebbles if you look carefully. Wildlife hunters can spot sea birds whirling over head and sometimes a basking seal.

If you’d like to visit Fleswick Bay and spend some imagining being a pirate why not Book with us at the Seacote Park today?